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Success begins with
summer training.

Band directors, are you tired of seeing your students show up to band camp physically unprepared?

Forte Athletics' "Marching Band Boot Camp 2" is a FREE 8-week summer fitness program designed to condition your students for band camp. 


Sign up now and see the results for yourself.

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Marching Band
Boot Camp


A detailed workout plan with 2 workouts per week

A user friendly app that instructs the follow along workouts.

Accountability with workout tracking data for staff.

A team of licensed coaches who all have expertise both marching and teaching drum corps.

Marching specific exercises targeting the relevant muscle groups.

Gamification with fitness tests and individual player stat sheets.

Our private community for your students to share progress, ask questions, and connect with peers.

Trusted by Nine DCI Corps

We are currently training over 800 DCI members to prepare for a summer free of injuries!

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"Forte Athletics has effectively eliminated the guesswork associated with marching fitness through their comprehensive program. Our members have experienced a newfound sense of confidence in their training thanks to the engaging nature of the program, while the supportive community has served as a source of motivation and accountability. We had less members sitting out, which meant more performers on the field getting better!"

-Roger Marquis

Blue Stars Visual Caption Coordinator

Get your students in shape like the pros and register today!

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for your entire band this summer. No strings attached.

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