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The Story

As the demand of modern marching performance evolved, the athletic expectation increased for every individual on the field. Athletic training and preparation however, did not evolve with the culture. The result? A surge in the frequency of injuries & number of overwhelmed performers in survival mode.

Performers are often told to, "get in shape", but are rarely given the tools & resources to follow through with this commitment. That's where we come in.

We make fitness fun & simple for all experience levels!

Our specialized fitness programs are crafted by professionals and tailored to the unique demands of marching performance. We help performers get in shape away from rehearsal so that they can show up feeling #MarchingStrong and deliver more impactful performances!

Join our tribe & see why Forte Athletics is the best choice for marching band fitness.​​



An inclusive environment that inspires a new generation of performers who embody the values of discipline, teamwork, and personal growth.


Empowering marching bands worldwide with innovative fitness programs for peak performance.

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OUR Team

With over 100 years of combined experience in the marching arts, our awesome team is committed to making workouts a fun & inclusive experience for our community.

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