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FREE Marching Band Rehearsal Workout

Looking for a fun & engaging way to charge up your marching band for a productive rehearsal--every time? This is routine is perfect for your band!

Start your rehearsals with this super fun 16-minute marching band workout!

These exercises will strengthen the muscles needed to boost performance & reduce risk of injury while marching.

If you are going to lead your band through this workout, then checkout the video at the bottom of this post for instructions on how to lead this without overwhelming your band!

Happy training, ForteFam!

*Click on any exercise name for a quick tutorial, if needed.
**Routine pacing is at the bottom of this post.


Setup: Stand tall with the feet close together but not touching. Shift your weight forward onto your toes to find the spring in your ankles.
Movement: Bounce on your toes while flicking your arms to release tension. Breathe in for 4, out for 4.
Cues: Imagine flicking water off of your fingers.
Tip: Get silly & make this a fun way to start the workout!

Setup: Stand tall with your weight forward into your toes.
Movement: 16 beats. Alternate driving the knee towards the chest for 8 beats, then switch into a double skip for 8 beats clapping beneath the leg after each second skip.
Cues: Keep the core tight to drive the knee up!
Tip: Start with the footwork, then add the hands once everyone understands the double skip.

Setup: Stand tall with your weight forward into your toes.
Movement: 3 Beats. Leap to the side on one, then bounce on the toes of one leg for beats 2 & 3. Repeat on the other side. Arms up on beat 1, down on beat 2, then swoop out on beat 3. After 8 reps, transition into power skate where the goal is to cover as much distance as possible. After 8 reps, transition back into skater jacks and repeat.
Cues: Stay light on the toes, then explode!
Tip: Start with the footwork, then add arms. Give verbal cues to stay light on the toes.



Setup: Sit back into a slight squat position. Arms out to the side like you're holding a big beach ball.
Movement: Begin by twisting the upper body to one side, then float back to center and repeat on the other side. Repeat for 8-16 reps. Then, transition to a full body wind-up by allowing your opposite leg to rotate with the trunk. Then float back to center. Repeat for 8-16 reps. Then, add a jumping release after the wind-up for 8-16 reps.
Cues: Core tight."Float" back to center. Get a full wind-up!
Tip: Find a pace that makes this move feel smooth. Too slow feels awkward. Fast feels rushed.

Setup: Balance on one leg, then use the tip-toe of your opposite foot to help you balance. Place the hands on the shoulders, elbows & shoulders back.
Movement: Press through the toes of your standing leg to lift the heel up. Simultaneously, bring the arms up overhead. Slowly, lower the heel and hands back down to repeat for 8-16 reps. Then, fully release the arms by swinging them down & back while bending the knees and trunk. Lift back up to repeat for four reps. Then repeat this exercise on the opposite leg.
Cues: Lift UP, control the descent. Keep weight out of the heels. Exhale on each full release.
Tip: Move slower to develop balance & stability through the forefoot. If this is too challenging, members can do a heel raise with both legs.

Setup: Bring the feet together. Stand tall and shift your weight forward into your toes to find your ankle spring.
Movement: 4-Beats. Bounce twice in spot, then hop sideways and bounce two times. Clap on the thigh for beats 1 & 2, then clap the hands together on beat 3.
Cues: Core tight."Float" back to center. Get a full wind-up!
Tip: Find a pace that makes this move feel smooth. Too slow feels awkward. Fast feels rushed.



Setup: Stand with feet wider than shoulder width apart. Toes forward. Hands on hips. Then, dial the toes of leg away from the body so that they point directly to the side. Torso will rest at a comfortable 45 degree angle between the foot angles.
Movement: In the rotated leg, lift the toes up as high as you can, feeling the squeeze in front of the shin. Then slowly lower the foot back down. Repeat for 8 beats. Then, lunge in the same direction driving the knee towards the 3rd toe and push the floor away with power. Foot lands toe-ball-heel. Repeat for 8 reps. Then switch to the other side.
Cues: CONTROL the foot lowering down. Explosive power on the lunge.
Tip: The wider the stance, the harder this exercise is.

Setup: Balance on one leg with hands on the hips.
Movement: Slowly lower the hip on the unsupported side until you feel a stretch in the standing hip. Then, lift up through the standing hip and raise the opposite hip up to feel tension/squeeze in the standing hip. Repeat 8-12 reps then switch sides.
Cues: Feel the stretch at the bottom, then LIFT up through the standing hip!
Tip: If needed, place the hand on a fence on the unsupported side to help with balance.

Setup: Take a wide stance, then hinge at the hips and bring the arms up overhead. Squeeze shoulder blades together. If needed, watch this HIP HINGE TUTORIAL.
Movement: Shift the body towards on leg to feel a stretch on the inside thigh of the opposite leg. Hold for 2 beats, then shift the body towards the opposite leg. Repeat for 8-16 reps.
Cues: Keep the chest up. Stay low.
Tip: Give frequent verbal cues to keep the chest & arms up.



Setup: Balance on leg with a soft bend in the knee.
Movement: Load the leg back, then swing it forward and up while hopping straight up. Land softly, balance, and repeat. Add running motion in the arms when ready.
Cues: Load back. Swing up. Core tight to balance.
Tip: Start with the leg swing, add the hop when ready, then add the arms.

Setup: Stand tall. Load the weight forward into the toes to find your ankle spring.
Movement: 3 beats. Step forward on one. Push back on 2. Step in place on 3. Then repeat on the other side. Repeat for 8-16 reps. Then repeat in the opposite direction (back), following the same pattern. Add a clap on beat one when ready.
Cues: Stay light on the toes.
Tip: Stand on a line to make the starting point for both directions clearer.

Setup: Start from a split stance position. Lunge down as if you're going to pickup a ball.
Movement: Imagine lifting a weighted ball up overhead, then slamming it down on the opposite side of your body. Then repeat.
Cues: Be BIG ENERGY to the motion.
Tip: This is where members will be the most tired. Encourage them to push through strong to the end!


Workout Pacing:

Follow this format for all four circuits.


Exercise 1 - 30 seconds

Exercise 2 - 30 seconds

Exercise 3 - 30 seconds

Rest - 30 seconds, then repeat circuit.

Perform each circuit two times before advancing to the next one.


Watch this video for full breakdown on how to teach this workout to your band!


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